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SLA Graduate Student Summer Research & Write-up Award

Have you previously received a Summer Merit Fellowship award?*
Have you previously received a Summer Merit Fellowship award?*
Research Proposal *
Please submit a brief proposal, no longer than 2 single spaced pages, outlining the major research questions, problems or object of analysis. This proposal should address what activities will be undertaken and how the summer research or write-up award will pay for needed resources and/or completion of research and/or writing in a timely manner. The proposal should be written in a jargon-free manner that can be easily understood by faculty in a wide range of disciplines.

CV/Resume *

List of Awards and Fellowships 
If not included in your CV, please provide a list of awards and/or fellowships received. Include (1) dates of such support and (2) the major accomplishments that were derived from that support. Students should also list other anticipated summer support. Those who have received past support from a Summer Research and Write-up Award (or Summer Merit Fellowship) should also upload a copy of the required, previously submited progress report here.

Note: If you previously received a award and do not have a copy of your progress report, please just leave this upload empty; do not contact the graduate office to obtain a copy.
Proof of IRB Approval or Exemption (only required if research includes human subjects)
If IRB approval is required but you have not yet received notice of the approval or exemption, please upload documentation of the application for approval.

The applicant's major advisor, dissertation chair, department chair or department Director of Graduate Studies must upload a letter of recommendation/support via a link e-mailed to the faculty member from this system. Please list the name and e-mail address of the faculty member who will write your letter of recommendation/support. Completing this section will automatically send an e-mail request for a letter of recommendation to the faculty member named below.

It is recommended that you let this faculty member know that you are applying for a SLA Graduate Student Summer Research & Write-Up Award and shortly after you submit this application they should receive an e-mail request to upload a recommendation letter for you by the application deadline of March 13, 2024.
NOTE: If research is completed and applying for the write-up award, please input $3000 in the total box and do NOT complete the itemized budget below
Itemize the total $ amount requested above in the boxes below (do not complete this section for the write-up award):
Note: Cost of labor (ie. site excavation, set construction crews, transcription), cost of tuition or registration fees for conferences and cost of travel to conferences are NOT eligible expenses. Admission fees to museums, archives, etc., and registration fees/cost of travel for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT workshops ARE eligible expenses IF related to your dissertation/thesis research.

Applicants from the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway): please see the Tulane University Privacy Policy for Data Protected by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation for information about how Tulane University processes personal information and your rights.